Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get your name?

It came from the house and studio that Sam and Peter designed together called Humbug where they began exploring  connections between painting and architecture: Humbug+art+architecture=Humbugaa.

Is it really a zero-commission gallery for Full Members?

Humbugaa does not take any commission on any sales to Full Members. We also use a third party to manage your transactions, and they charge 2.9% + 30cents for each transaction which is deducted from the amount paid out to the seller, regardless of their membership status.

Can I buy work if I am a non-member or Free Member?

Yes, you can. Instead of a subscription, non-members and Free Members pay a commission equal to the price of the work or event ticket they are purchasing. That makes it twice the price that a Full Member pays for the same item.

What about events? Can I attend those as a non-member or Free Member?

Yes, you can. However, just like the online gallery, you will pay a commission on any ticket equal to the price of the ticket you are purchasing. That makes it twice the price that a Full Member pays for the same item. Also like the gallery, all buyers pay the transaction costs regardless of their membership status.

I'd like to host an event, like an exhibition or a talk, how do I do that?

Great. Just use the submission form here, and if it is consistent with our event criteria then we'll post it on our events page.

I've heard about "Flash Exhibitions", but what are those?

These are fast-to-put-up / fast-to-happen / fast-to-come-down exhibitions that can happen anywhere: a corridor, elevator, bus stop, studio, office space or building lobby. Each exhibition begins at 17:00 and runs for half an hour. No catering. No fancy posters, just a quick fix to stimulate the mind before you head into the evening. Anybody can hold one, just submit an image, a simple description of the work you'll be showing, the venue, and the date and if it is appropriate for our members then we'll upload it to the website.

Can I get paid for an event?

Sure. You can run free events, or paid ones. If you run a paid event, then like the online gallery, Full Members won't pay us any commission on their ticket price.

I'm running a public event, can I list it on Humbugaa?

Yes, you can run free public events for non-members too. If it meets our event criteria, we'll happily list it for you. The more people talking about art + architecture, the better.

What sort of courses do you run?

We run courses on making, collecting, and understanding the connections between art + architecture. Take a look at our Events page to see what's coming up.

How do I sell my work?

All Members can submit work for sale, both Free and Full Members. You can submit work through the submission page here. Note that you can submit the work to us, and we will upload it for you. You cannot upload it directly. Like many other auction websites, you can list work with a Buy Now price and a Reserve, if you wish.

Can anybody sell work on Humbugaa?

Yes, all members can submit work. However, like curators of a physical gallery, we do personally select all the work that we put on line. We do this to maintain a degree of coherency and make the gallery a better place for collectors.

How do I buy work?

Like many other online auction stores (Trademe, eBay, etc) you can bid for the work, or Buy Now, if you don't want to compete for it.

How does the shipping work?

We connect the buyer and seller, and then you can arrange for shipping between you if necessary.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer is expected to pay for shipping.

How much does shipping cost?

We don't currently provide a shipping service, so we can't offer shipping price estimates at this stage. You need to request a price from the courier. Keep watching this space though, because we hope to add shipping as an optional service on some items soon.

What if I don't like what I bought?

All sales are non-refundable. We suggest that you see the work before you buy it. In most cases, the work will be available for viewing through a studio, or pop-up exhibition.

Do I need to have been to art or architecture school before I join?

No. If you want to be an artist or an architect then that's something you might do, but Humbugaa is for collectors too. In fact, it's for everybody interested in art + architecture.